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Now you audio like a seller! Serving to prospective buyers find your things starts with a terrific listing. Just take great pics (it is possible to publish 12 of them free of charge), create a descriptive title, and explain your item with as much detail as you could. Do that therefore you’ll surely improve your odds.

A father recounts to his kids, through a series of flashbacks, the journey he and his 4 most effective buddies took leading nearly him Assembly their mother.

two. to acquire on the market. The farmer sells milk and eggs. verkoop يَبيع продавам (се) vender prodávat verkaufen sælge πουλώ, έχω προς πώληση vender müütama فروختن myydä vendre לִמכּוֹר बिकवाना prodavati, trgovati čime árul menjual selja vendere 売る 판매하다 parduoti, prekiauti pārdot; tirgoties menjual verkopenselge, forhandle mieć na sprzedaż خرڅول vender a vinde торговать, продавать predávať prodajati prodavati sälja มีเพื่อขาย satmak 販賣 торгувати فروخت کے لیے ہونا bán hàng 卖

sell - exchange or provide for money or its equivalent; "He bought his house in January"; "She sells her physique to outlive and help her drug pattern"

You may be new to your selling matter. We get it. Here are just a few issues that happen to be commonly questioned by our very first time sellers.

vb: pret, ptp vt product, goods → verkaufen (sb sth, sth to sb jdm etw, etw an jdn); insurance policies coverage → abschließen (to mit); (business enterprise) items → verkaufen, absetzen; I used to be bought this in Valencia → guy hat mir das in Valencia verkauft; the guide sold 3,000 copies → von dem Buch wurden three.000 Exemplare verkauft; he could sell a fridge to an Eskimo → er könnte einem Eskimo einen Eisschrank andrehen (inf) → or aufschwatzen (inf); to sell insurance (for any living) → Versicherungsvertreter(in) m(file) → sein; to sell one particular’s life dearly → sein Leben teuer verkaufen; he offered himself towards the enemy → er hat sich an den Feind verkauft; to sell one particular’s system → seinen Körper verkaufen; to sell 1’s soul to any individual/a thing → jdm/einer Sache seine Seele verschreiben; modern day male has bought his soul → der moderne Mensch hat seine Seele verloren; what are you selling it for?

2. a betrayal. The gang realized it absolutely was a sell-out and tried to escape. verraad moved here خِيانَه предателство traição zrada der Verrat forræderi προδοσίαtraición, engaño pettus آدم فروشي petos trahison לִבגוֹד गद्दारी izdaja, prevara árulás pengkhianatan svik tradimento 裏切り 배신 išdavystė nodevība pengkhianatan verraadforræderizdrada غولو نه ، ‏‏خيانت traição trădare измена zrada izdaja izdaja fileörräderi, svek ทรยศ ihanet 出賣 зрада دھوکا sự phản bội 背叛

After your item sells on eBay, all payments are securely and securely taken care of by PayPal for a further fee. Should you’ve bought an account, fantastic!

sell, trade, deal - do organization; offer for sale as for 1's livelihood; "She offers in gold"; "The brothers sell sneakers"

We know you should sell your things right this moment. Our swift listing Device why not try this out tends to make selling on eBay a snap. When you’re signed into your eBay account, you’ll find steerage and recommendations that will assist you to record your merchandise quickly. Don’t have an account however? It’s straightforward to build an eBay account.

push - sell or promote the sale of (unlawful merchandise for example drugs); "The man hanging all over the school is pushing medicine"

be - have the caliber of getting; (copula, used by navigate here having an adjective or simply a predicate noun); "John is abundant"; "This isn't a good solution"

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A strong infrastructure signifies a solid America – an The us which is aggressive globally, fosters local and regional economic progress, and creates Employment.  We have to be capable to fulfill the requirements of nowadays, but will also be poised to address the issues of tomorrow.

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